For NIID patients who can cooperate in clinical research on NIID

Currently, medical technology is advancing as well as the various testing technologies. However, some of the diseases called intractable neurological diseases are still difficult to make a definitive diagnosis even if they undergo various tests such as physiological tests and diagnostic imaging tests in addition to neurological examinations.

The same is true for NIID, and there are still many unclear points about its epidemiology, natural history, genetic mutations and molecular pathology.
Since 2011, it has become possible to diagnose NIID by skin biopsy, and the number of reports in which patients are diagnosed with the disease is gradually increasing. The research on the pathophysiology and development of treatment methods on NIID has just begun.

JaNIIDS is conducting research in order to clarify the pathophysiology of NIID and to develop a radical treatment. We aim to clarify the natural history and pathophysiology of NIID by collecting and analyzing clinical findings such as medical examination findings, imaging tests, skin biopsies, and genetic tests of NIID patients. Furthermore, we are conducting research at the molecular level, such as genes and proteins, heading for the development of radical therapy.
We are looking for cooperation from those who support the philosophy of JaNIIDS.

JaNIIDS research

JaNIIDS analyzes clinical and genetic information of NIID, aiming to elucidate the pathophysiology of NIID, developing more accurate diagnosis and developing diagnosis method, and conducting research at the molecular level, genetic analysis research and nationwide epidemiological survey.

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